Data Collection

CAPI-(Computer Assited Personal Interviewing) is an interviewing technique in which the respondent or interviewer uses a computer to answer the questions. It is suggested that the use of CAPI has achieved a better response rate on sensitive questions than other techniques would have. The use of CAPI has a number of well-known advantages, such as improvements in data quality and turnaround times.

Online-data-surveys Often used for surveys, questionnaires and to capture customer data we can design a branded online data capture solution with an audience relevant user friendly format and securely collect data in real time enabling us to provide you with immediate access to your data. In addition to collecting data we can cleanse the data to ensure that your dataset only contains valid responses to your data capture requirements.

Once collected and cleansed we will return the raw data to you in any format required, or if desired, we can pass the data to our in-house analytics team who will analyse the data and results to provide you with a presentable report containing valuable insights, statistics and charts. Find out more about our questionnaire and survey processing and analytics services here.

We are into the data collection activities for Market Research domain as well as others various sectors (i.e. Banking, Telecome service sector and other government agencies).

These are the tests that are held at a centrally located place. The respondents are provided computer systems to fill survey forms and a team is present to assist them to do the same. This ensures fair and complete process of data collection.